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Shandong NM500 wear-resistant plate price industry faces internal and external troubles


Shandong NM500 wear-resistant plate price industry is facing domestic and foreign troubles, but insiders are not very optimistic about the coming "vicious competition" punishment. "In the downturn of the industry, steel companies are mostly forced to sell below the cost price in order to reduce inventory pressure. I think this is market behavior. This shows that "vicious competition" is not easy to judge, not to mention punishment. An insider, who declined to be named, told reporters.


On the other hand, the person also pointed out that with the anti-unfair competition law, trade associations should not have the right to punish vicious competition acts. If only blacklists were published, their deterrent effect would be extremely limited. Moreover, according to other industry's vicious competition punishment method, most of them are thunder and heavy rain. Overall, the situation of "high cost, low profit" of Shandong NM500 wear-resistant plate factory price enterprises is difficult to change in the short term. If the industry wants to tide over difficulties, it may eventually depend on adequate market competition and survival of the fittest.


Futures market rose sharply, domestic steel prices rose and fell, billet prices continued to rise, business confidence slightly boosted, but the overall volume of shipments did not significantly increase, downstream still maintained on-demand procurement, the current demand continues to weaken, businesses do not have too much expectations for trading, the future market is not optimistic, short-term market or volatile trading. The whole is the main. Shandong NM500 wear-resistant plate spot market confidence has improved slightly, the market turnover is small volume.


Overall, low price shipments are better, and high priced deals are not good. Although the steel market is in the hot Meiyu off-season, but the market inventory is low, business sales pressure is not large, short-term building materials prices or consolidation is the main. Shanghai Market: Shanghai construction steel market prices rebounded slightly. Specifically, local rainfall and long duration have had a great impact on trading volume, but all-day futures have performed well, the volume has risen, billets have also increased by 30 yuan/ton, market confidence has increased, and prices have been firm. After the afternoon rain, the number of orders returned by merchants increased, and the price of some resources rose slightly. In the short term, the price of NM500 wear-resistant panels in Shandong is strong. Www.hdnmgb.com


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